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Linke, Norbert

Linke, Norbert

Assistant Professor
Joint Quantum Institute
Quantum Technology Center

Norbert Linke is a quantum scientist working on different applications of individual trapped atomic ions. He received his undergraduate degree (Dipl. Phys.) in 2007 from the University of Ulm, Germany, working in the lab of Ferdinand Schmidt-Kaler. He earned his doctoral degree (D.Phil.) in Atomic & Laser Physics in 2013 from the University of Oxford, U.K., under David Lucas. After post-doctoral work at Oxford and under Chris Monroe at the University of Maryland, he is now an Assistant Professor and Fellow of the Joint Quantum Institute and the Quantum Technology Center.

Research Area:

Research Projects:

  • Quantum algorithm realizations
  • Telecom-ready quantum networking
  • Quantum simulation with individual ions

Centers and Institutes: : Joint Quantum InstituteQuantum Technology Center

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Norbert Linke collaborator on work to push the frontiers of quantum simulation theories and technologies through research using current quantum computers.

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