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Britton, Joseph

Britton, Joseph

Quantum Scientist, CCDC Army Research Lab
Quantum Technology Center
Atlantic B0223

Dr. Joseph Britton leads the Trapped Ion Quantum Science Group at ARL. Dr. Britton's group is focused on Army-centric objectives that build upon entanglement distribution including enhanced metrology. The lab is working to augment established quantum information processing techniques in the 171Yb+ ion with direct generation of high-fidelity ion-entangled photons at telecom wavelengths. Prior to joining ARL Dr. Britton was at NIST in Boulder, CO where the scope of his work included quantum simulation, quantum computation and cosmic microwave background detector development. He received his PhD in atomic physics from the University of Colorado and a BA from the University of Chicago.

Quantum Technology Center Adds Three New Fellows

Drs. Joseph Britton, Jonathan Hoffman, and Kevin Cox are joining QTC from the DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory.