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Levine, Edlyn

Levine, Edlyn

Visiting Associate Research Scientist & Lead Physicist, MITRE Corporation
Research Associate, Department of Physics, Harvard University
Quantum Technology Center

EDLYN LEVINE, PhD ’16, applied physics, is lead physicist in the Emerging Technologies group at the MITRE Corporation. Her research at MITRE focuses on tackling advanced technical challenges and expanding scientific frontiers in the interest of National Defense. She leads MITRE’s academic engagement effort, focused on building research relationships across universities and federally funded research and development centers. She holds these positions jointly with a research associateship in the Department of Physics at Harvard University. For her scientific work, Levine has received nationally competitive fellowships, the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, and the National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship and is a multi-year awardee of the MITRE Innovation Program grant. She serves as a member of the executive committee for the American Physical Society Forum for Industrial and Applied Physics, and as an associate editor of the Harvard Data Science Review. She joined the Quantum Technology Center as a visiting associate research scientist in June 2020.

QTC-MITRE Collaboration Receives Best Paper Award at EDFAS 2020

QTC Researchers collaborate with MITRE and Harvard to present a new method for backside integrated circuit (IC) magnetic field imaging using Quantum Diamond Microscope (QDM) nitrogen vacancy magnetometry.

QTC Researchers Combine QDM and ML to Noninvasively Probe an Integrated Circuit

A Quantum Diamond Microscope, augmented with Machine Learning, has been used to noninvasively probe activity within an integrated circuit.